Mail Forwarding
What Is Mail Forwarding?

With Mail Forwarding you can have a separate business address without needing to use your home address. A Mail Forwarding Service allows you to have your business mail sent to a professional looking business address where your business mail can be collected and even signed for. All your mail can either be forwarded to any address you choose or can be held for collection.


Why Would I Need A Mail Forwarding Service?

Most start-ups or small businesses don’t want to spend a big budget on renting a business address so either work from home or use a Mail Forwarding Service. If you work from home you would want to have a professional looking Business Address to put on your business cards, website and other marketing material. You would also want your business mail kept separate from your home address and therefore using a Business Mailing Address with a Mail Forwarding Service can be a very effective and affordable solution.


What Are The Costs Of Mail Forwarding?

The costs of our London Business Mailing Addresses vary depending on which London address you choose. For Mail Forwarding we charge the cost of forwarding the mail plus an additional 20% for administration fees.


Getting Setup with a Mail Forwarding Address

You can have your very own London Mail Forwarding Address including Mail Forwarding Services in less than 24 hours! Just simply give us a call and our friendly team can take you through the simple setup.

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