Registered Office Addresses

A Registered Office Address for Your New Business

We specialize in providing Registered Office Addresses in London to many new UK based businesses.

With Jet Virtual you can be sure that every piece of important mail we receive at your Registered Address is always handled with great care and with the utmost privacy.

We understand that all documents received are time sensitive and therefore we endeavor to let you know as soon as you receive any mail. Any Registered mail you receive at your Registered Address can either be picked up at your Registered Office location or forwarded to the business address of your choice.

Does Your Business Need a Registered Address?
By law, all registered businesses need to have a registered address. A registered address is the company’s address where letters or deliveries can be received from Companies House, HMRC (Inland Revenue) or any other government organisation. Each Company Registered Address also enables documents to be delivered to the company and the company’s directors.
Your Registered Office Address will be posted and mad accessible on the public registrar at companies house. It will become the official address at which your business is registered upon incorporation.

Can I just simply use a PO Box Address as a Registered Office Address?
Companies cannot use a PO Box Address as their Registered Office Address since all mail and documents must be received where they can be collected, and on occasions a signature may be required.

Why Choose A Registered Address in London?
When setting up your UK business, you want to give off a great first impression and what better way than to have your UK company registered at a prestigious London Registered Office Address!

If I have a Virtual Office Address already do I need a Registered Office Address too?
Although it is possible to use your Virtual Office Address as your Registered Office Address, you may want to keep your normal Business Mailing Address separate from your Registered Address. This may be because you wish to only receive official or Government mail from Companies House or Inland Revenue at your Registered Address and not at your regular mailing address.

How do I get setup with a London Registered Office Address?
All you need to do is pick your London Registered Office Address and add it to your shopping basket. Alternatively you can call us and we will be happy to talk you through the simple process. You can have your new London Registered Office Address setup today!

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