Virtual Numbers

Looking for a Non-geographical or Local Virtual Number?

We provide all types of UK Virtual Numbers. You can either gain a national presence with an 0845 number or 0844 number and you can choose from a range of Local Virtual Numbers to attract local business. Some businesses even have multiple virtual numbers for different cities, that way they attract business from all those local areas. After all, people always look to shop locally.

Your Virtual Number can be diverted to a UK landline or UK mobile and can even be diverted to anywhere you are in the world. Each Virtual Number comes with a voicemail to email functionality absolutely free! So if someone leaves you a voicemail message, you will receive an email immediately and can listen to the voicemail message right away. No need to call in or login anywhere.

We can also provide you with a fax to email virtual number so you can receive faxes anywhere you go. No need to spend lots of money on a fax machine.

Virtual Numbers are perfect for a small business looking to give off a more professional image but don’t want to spend lots of money buying traditional telephone lines.

With a London Virtual Office Address and London Virtual Number your business will look professional, established and as though you truly are situated right here in London.

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